Saturday, May 28, 2011

JewelMint Jewelry Review

I was recently sent some pieces of jewelry from an online company called JewelMint to review.

JewelMint was created by style icon, Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter.

Click here to view my JewelMint review video.
**(The items not featured in this video will be featured in upcoming fashion videos.)**

Very cute, simple and classy packaging.


This company is different from other jewelry sites because they select certain items to fit your unique, personal style. This alone eliminates the hassel of having to search through countless pages of jewelry you don´t like.

How it works...
- Log onto the site and create your own personal style profile by taking a short style quiz.
-  You then will be lead to your jewelry box with specially selected jewelry to fit your unique style.
- Each month Kate, Cher and the JewelMint team will recommend personalized jewelry for you.
- As a member, you pay only $29.99 per item.
- You do not get charged until you purchase your first piece of jewelry.
- If you don´t want to purchase one month it´s hassel free and no charges to your account will be made.


Below you can see five items that were selected for me based on my personal style.

Want 50% off your first purchase?

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Enter this promo code for your discount.

I hope you love this company as much as I do!

Lots of love!


  1. Anonymous29.5.11

    beautiful designs! i love the second one

  2. wow, you got some beautiful pieces
    check out my blog :D
    have a great day! xx

  3. Ohh Darling what a style you have not only because you are wearing that bracelet but also because you're so beautiful, I like your face in the last photo.