Thursday, April 07, 2011

What I've Been Eating - March 2011

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It seems like you all enjoy my posts and videos about what I've been eating lately so here's another one for you!

I go shopping at the local farmers' market twice a week and that's where I get 99% of my fruit, vegetables and nuts.

Below are a few photos of some in season and tropical food I've been enjoying.

Click here to see this video live and everything I ate last March.

BREAKFAST: Fruit Meals

I almost always start each day with a HUGE (over a liter) banana smoothie with a touch of cinnamon because they taste so good and give me fantastic energy to start my day.
 (Truly ripe bananas have brown spots).
Banana Milk = Bananas blended with water
One of the best parts of my day is drinking this! :D

 These dates on the vine are from Israel and are SO juicy!
Dates are another fantastic source of energy.
You can eat them as they are or blend them up with water to make "datorade".

 Cherimoya is another fruit I love for it's unique thick, milky flavor.
I cut off the top and scoop out the fruit with a spoon.

 I'm starting to see watermelon slowly making an appearance at the markets because it is coming into season.
What a beautiful and hydrating fruit!

DINNER: Large Salad

*Red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, tangerines (mandarian oranges)* 

I often mix fruit in with my greens and veggies.
I've sadly had to say goodbye to my fall and winter staple food - tangerines and oranges.
Luckily, I get distracted easily with all the other fruit coming into season.

*Red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, kiwi, mango*
Excitedly, mangos, kiwis and other tropical fruit are appearing more at the markets.

Click here to see what the farmers' markets are like in Spain.

What have you been eating lately?

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  1. What do you think about green smoothies?

  2. Hi Liz have you tried adding one mango to your banana smoothie? Sooo yummy!! I've been eating lots of bananas, mangos, pineapple and strawberries, lots of greens (I love red lettuce!), cherry tomatos, corn, cucumber, raw hazelnuts, some avocado... We're starting to get plums here, sooo juicy and sweet!

  3. Is it bad to eat bananas before they have spots? I mean, are there fewer nutrients or something? I just ask because I didn't know that they were considered ripe at that stage. I'll have to delay my banana-eating from now on!

  4. Ashley - I don't know if they have fewer nutrients when green, but I do know that they are less sweet and harder to digest unripe.

    Liz - You are so lucky to live in a warm climate! I feel like the raw vegan diet would be more difficult to stick to in Canada.

  5. That large salat is amazing :D I have similar salat for breakfast :D
    Can you make more recipe videos/posts? :D xoxo

  6. Raw foods are where it's at! My dad went vegan and lost a pound a day for the month - Said he never felt hungry - pretty impressive. Awesome blog and videos!

  7. wow amazing breakfast I begin my day in a healthy way, i just eat a fruit salad, orange juice and finally a yogurt...