Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Letting go...

Within the past few months I've noticed a change in myself.
- I don't feel the need to go shopping as much and just buy things for the sake of buying something new.
This change feels AMAZING! :D
I feel so blessed to have everything that I need and more. I've found myself really cherishing everything that I have and I want to take care of what I have rather than buy new and more unnecessary stuff.

All of this leads me to the next change I've noticed in myself.
- I have WAY too much stuff!
I was inspired by two beautiful girls I met through 30BAD (, Teri and Dariana to do some spring cleaning.

Click here to view this video live!

Dariana recently went through her bathroom face and body products and threw EVERY product away! WOW! She now uses one single product for all her needs... coconut oil and is very pleased!
More power to you, Dariana!

Teri recently wrote a post about how she aims to be more of a minimalist.
She went through her belongings and gave/threw away about half of her belongings.
She mentioned how the more materialistic stuff we acquire, the more money we have to spend to protect/upkeep these things, spend time cleaning these things and just in general worry about taking care of these possessions. She said something along the lines of, "it's more like our possessions own us instead of us owning them".
How liberating, Teri!

With all this being said, I decided to do a little spring cleaning myself and get rid of some stuff I haven't used in a long time.
I actually just cleaned out my closet twice within the past six months and gave away a lot of clothes and shoes so I didn't have many more clothes to give away at the moment.

Below you can see some of the makeup, nail polishes, jewelry, clothes and face/body products I am giving/throwing away.

What can you give away?

Lots of love!


  1. Liz, what a great post! I love going through my stuff on a regular basis and purging what I dont need, I either give away, throw away or donate to someone in need if it is still nice stuff. Life truly IS so much better with less stuff. Some really great blogs to read for inspiration are:

  2. It must feel very liberating to start thinking this way Liz!
    My hubby thinks just like that, he hates shopping malls (we almost never go shopping together, very rarely, only when he really NEEDS something). He's very anti-consumist. I totally understand him & never try to change his mind about it.
    I do like to constantly shop for clothes & I barely ever get rid of anything!
    Since I'm on Youtube, I started buying much more make up, before I started making vids, I had only the essentials & I was happy with that.
    So recently I've decided to stop buying new make up. When talking about skin care, hair care & body care, I'm fortunate enough that I never tend to accumulate anything. I buy new products only when I'm out of the old ones!
    So I'll be focusing on buying LESS make up! All these eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes...when are we ever going to use up all of them??
    LOL I LOVE this blog post of yours Liz! xx

  3. It's great to do spring cleaning. I'm doing it also. I am focusing on clearing out my makeup collection. I've been giving my friend my unwanted makeup and now shes overloading. I've just been giving away makeup that I don't like anymore or discovered a new product. Check out my blog! :

  4. @Jennifer Thanks! I´m going to check out these sites! (:
    @Sonja I agree... I´m naturally becoming more this way and it feels so GOOD! Your husband is on to something! (;
    @Addie That´s awesome! (:

  5. Anonymous31.3.11

    hello liz
    i always love to read your blog and this is the first time i leave a comment.
    this post is really something and i enjoyed reading it. it is just about time to change as i have this weird madness like buying a lot of stuff thinking they would made me pretty. i guess i have to stop NOW.
    thank you

  6. @Nur You're so welcome! Glad you liked this post! Thanks for your support! You should leave comments more often! (:

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