Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beautiful Gifts from Sonja!

I recently received some beautiful gifts from my beautiful friend, Sonja, who lives in Italy.
If you don't know Sonja, you should check out her YouTube channels and blog. She is simply amazing!

She has a great and creative sense of style, does wonderful makeup tutorials and reviews, is SUPER smart - speaking a handful of languages and has a heart of gold! She is simply an inspiration to me and many others and I'm so thankful for her friendship!
xx Love you, Sonja! xx

Click here to see her beauty and style channel - eipysgudps.
Click here to see her more personal channel - MissTrendyKitty.
Click here to visit her blog - Butterfly Princess.

Here are the gifts she sent me...

Thank you, Sonja for your thoughtful and beautiful gifts!
As you already know, I LOVE everything!

Lots of love,


  1. I just got home from work Liz& saw your super sweet blog post :)
    It's nice to know you're loving these little gifts :)
    I'll soon write about yours ;)
    Have a great Sunday my sweet friend! I'll be a bit more free this next week, so maybe we will skype!
    xx Sonja

  2. @Sonja Glad you saw this post.. wasn't sure! (: That's sounds great - let's try to Skype then! Have a wonderful week! xx

  3. It's nice to know you're loving these little gifts