Friday, January 14, 2011

What makeup bags I took to the States...

I recently took a trip home to the states and had to determine what makeup I would bring for my long trip.

My plan was to travel light... BUT that´s very hard for me to do! I also knew that I would be making makeup tutorials so that was a good excuse for not having to travel too light! (;

I think I did pretty good but I don´t know how many people would actually consider my makeup bag ¨light¨.

With that being said, I would like to show you the makeup bags I used to store everything.

Sigma MAXBag in Bleu
I was able to fit all of the makeup I needed to bring in this bag! I´m so glad I have this bag because it made everything so much easier. I normally have to divide my makeup into atleast two if not three seperate bags.

In this bag, I was able to fit...
- Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania e/s palette
- Two foundations
- Four Physicians Formula 9 e/s palettes
- Handful of kohl eyeliners
- Two liquid eyeliners
- 10 gel eyeliners
- Handful of single eyeshadows
- Four concealers
- Three Bronzers
- Three Blushers
- Highlighter
- Four Mascaras
- Pressed Powder
- Mineral foundation
- Brow fix palette
- Brow gel
- Eyeshadow primer

The organizational pockets inside are able to hold A LOT! I was able to fit atleast 15 lipsticks and lipglosses in them.

I also love the handle on the side of this bag.

Sigma Makeup Bag Kit - Pink
I used the larger bag shown (left) as my carry-on makeup bag.
It´s such great quality and was the perfect size for what I needed to bring on board the plane.

In this bag I carried...
-Two makeup removing wipes
- Three baby wipes
- Hand sanitizer
- Hand cream
- Facial hydrating spritzer
- Carmex
- Hard brush
- Tooth brush
- Tooth paste
- Floss
- Sigma Heart Shapd Mirror - Pink Fire

What bags do you normally put your makeup in when you travel?

Lots of love!


  1. I need a huge one like that!

    When I travel, I usually put my makeup in a few different smaller bags. That also means I can't always bring as much as I want (which actually might be a good thing! lol).

    Love that top blue one a lot!

  2. @Barbie You would love this makeup bag by Sigma! xx