Monday, December 27, 2010

ZENO Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit Review

I was recently sent the ZENO Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit to test and review.

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- breakthrough system in fight against blemishes
- innovative and dermatologist recommended
- 2 part delivery system is easy, safe and effective
- all-natural, patent pending acne solution, clears and prevents future breakouts
- kills 99.9% of acne bacteria in just one hour
- hydrating enough to use every day
- will keep your skin clear, healthy-looking and beautiful

 ZENO Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit

 Heat Treat Device and Blemish Prevention Treatment

I must admit, it's pretty fun to use the Heat Treat device!


- Blemish Prevention Treatment -
- Non greasy
- A little goes a long ways - only need pea size amount
- Non Drying (even in winter)
- Moisturizing

- Heat Treat Device -
- Fun to use
- Non time consuming
- Makes skin and/or blemishes red after use
(redness fades within an hour)
- Painless to use
- Easy to use

Overall, I really like this product. I have seen improvements with blemishes that I have had after using these two products together.

I don't think this product is a "miracle worker" but I do recommend it.

Have you tried the ZENO Heat Treat Prevention Kit?
If so, let me know what you think!

Lots of love!

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  1. Anonymous9.1.12

    I've been trying it for several days so far and I loe it! I find it to be as effective as benzoyil peroxide but non-irritating. My skin is more calm and I love the hot massage my face gets every night :)