Sunday, November 07, 2010

Haul - Beauty, Fashion & Travel

I did a little shopping lately to pick up a few things that I needed and also a few that I wanted.

Click the link below to view this haul video live.

Deliplus - Leche Limpiadora

Deliplus Nail Polish - #83

Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Mascara - Electric Blue :p

Kiko Shinny Lipstick - #168

Kiko Eyeshadow - #125

Kiko Tweezers

Kiko 30 Day Extension Mascara Treatment


Socks - Light brown, Dark brown, Blue, Charcoal, Black
Tights - Black, Dark Brown

Plane Pillow
(Tossed the box and forgot to write down the brand, so sorry!)

Hope you liked my fun haul post!

What are some recent items that you've picked up?



  1. I like a lot Deliplus products.But I haven´t tried yet la leche limpiadora.Saludos!

  2. I've been wanting to try Deliplus' nail polishes for a while but I haven't yet! I love those pillows! They're so comfortable! Haha xx

  3. Enjoyed watching your haul video. I've never had a big interest in makeup - but do wear it most days - but you've definitely got me more interested :-).
    Plane pillows are great. Sometimes they are more comfortable actually worn back the front - keeps your head from falling forward.


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  5. hey Liz, I tried your Chips recipe and I post it on my blog with your video, hope you don't mind.