Monday, September 27, 2010

WESTRAGS Fall Clothing Review

Click the link below to watch my review video live:

I was recently sent some Fall clothes to review from WESTRAGS.

I am very impressed with the quality of these clothes as well as my experience with this company.

A little about WESTRAGS...

- Online company that ships all over Europe in 24-48 hours depending on the country.

Affordable shipping...

- Spain - 2.90 EUROS for all orders under 50 EUROS
Free shipping for all orders over 50 EUROS

- All other European countries - 4.90 EUROS for all orders under 75 EUROS
Free shipping for all orders over 75 EUROS

Here are some photos of me wearing my clothes from WESTRAGS...

 Helki Dress
19.90 EUROS

 Ganyali Dress
20.90 EUROS

 Tavi Dress
17.90 EUROS

 Posy Tunic
12.90 EUROS

 Mignon Jacket
32.90 EUROS

Dishy Blazer
21.90 EUROS

Have you shopped with WESTRAGS before?

Hope your day is beautiful!


  1. Love the Ganyali Dress dress on you. Great fit and stunning colour :)
    Never heard of this brand before, thanks for the fun post! xoxo

  2. the dresses look so good on you, you have a model body you should dress with these type of clothes more often :)

  3. @Roz - Thanks, girl! I had never heard of them either... definitely worth check out! xx

    @Alexandra - Thanks sweetie! xx

  4. Ooh you look absolutely gorgeous in all of these! I had never heard of this brand before either, definitely checking it out! My two favourites on you are the green dress (amazing) and the blazer (last set). Wow! <3

  5. @Anna - Like always, this means SO much coming from you, a stylist! lol! :P I truly am loving this company and the clothes they offer! I think you would love them too! Thanks SO much for your sweet words, Anna! xx!

  6. Hi Liz,

    I love this review, these clothes look great on you! I don't suppose they ship to the US? I went to the website but didn't see US on there.

  7. You look so fab in all of the clothes!! Have to check out their site (:

  8. these dresses are too cute! i wish they shipped to the us.

  9. @Renee - Thanks Renee! (: No, they don't ship to the US... hopefully in the future they will! xx

    @Marisa - Thanks Marisa! (: Let me know what you think of their site & clothes!

    @Elizabeth - Thanks, Elizabeth! (: I know... If you see anything you can't live without, I could order it for you and bring it to you when I come home in November! (: Let me know. xx

  10. I love their clothes! So pretty! I ordered that black dress... it's so stunning! You look so pretty in ALL of the pictures.

  11. @Sarah - Glad you love the clothes! Me too! (: The black dress will look stunning on you! (; Thanks for your sweet words! xx

  12. Anonymous2.1.11

    Hi! The clothes look very nice on you, i tried to create an account but it doesnt let me i live in Cyprus which is in Eu, i tried to send them an email but never answered back. What shall i do?