Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Barcelona Fashion & Beauty Haul

I went shopping with my friend, Cati, yesterday in Barcelona.
Here are the items I picked up...

Click the link below to view this HAUL VIDEO LIVE:

Taupe Floral Halter Dress w/ Draw String Detailing - Stradivarius

Lace Button Up Tanks in White & Navy Blue - Friday's Project

The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood

FlorMar Super Shine Nail Polish - #13

FlorMar Eye Liners - Ultra Green, Ultra Gold, #102

Assorted FlorMar Nail Polishes & Remover for the Salon

Have you all done any shopping lately?

Please leave your blog link in the comment section below; I love to find new blogs to follow!

Besos from Spain!


  1. i'm so jealous liz i haven't been able to go shopping for a long long time because i had to hand in a very important paper in school. this weekend will be my first weekend without any work to do so hopefully i'll get to go shopping!
    enjoyed this blogpost a lot! thanks for sharing!

  2. I actually did some shopping today, it's always quite exiting. Looks like it's still quite warm in spain..?!
    I love seeing what other people bought, so please keep letting us know what you got :)

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