Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Few Looks I Put Together...

I miss blogging!! (:
I was thinking about what I could blog about because my last few videos didn't really need a blog to go along with them so I was thinking.... FASHION!
I was playing around with PolyVore, which is an a fun, style and fasion website.
I thought I would share with you some of the looks I put together.

Summer StrollFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

"Summer Stroll"

Casual Spring Lunch DateFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

¨Casual Spring Lunch Date¨

Don't forget to tell me what you think in the comment section.
Style is such a personal thing; what is your personal style like?
What trends do you like/dislike?


  1. I love the very first one! That dress is so fresh and relaxed!

  2. I used to be on polyvore all the time, too :) I wish I could leave you photocomments so I could share some of mine with you too.

  3. @Catanya, Thanks!! (:

    @Sophie, I would love to see your looks! How can I find them? Search your polyvore name? xoxo

  4. First look is super cute + loving the bag on 2nd look!
    Spain vs NL tomorrow, eek, bet you are supporting Spain LOL

  5. love both of these! very pretty and feminine. I like the second look especially though, the umbrella was a cute touch. It's fun to add something whimsical and cheery to an outfit. I find it makes people around you happy too:)

  6. Anonymous10.7.10

    Hi Liz! I love your looks!!! You are so creative with the accessories, too! :) love it. I had never heard of this website! it's so fun! check out my looks - polyvore name is "vicky.v" :)

  7. Gorgeous outfits! I love the aqua cardigan :) and I NEED that parasol! I wonder will Polyvore say where I can buy it?
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  8. Liz, on polyvore I go by the name of 'we're off to see the wizard'. Oh here, let me just post the link, it's a lot easier that way ;)

  9. Super cute!! Love those outfits!

    I'm new to your blog, but have been watching your youtube vid's for a while. So jealous that you get to live in Spain! Beautiful place!

  10. wow great creations Liz:)