Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is it TOO late for my May Favorites?

Yeah, I am SUPER late at posting this but I did mention a few of these products in my previous videos and I told you all that I would mention these products in more detail in my May favorite products video. So here I am on Saturday, June 19 posting about my favorite products in May of 2010.

Why am I so late, you might be wondering? Well, a lot of my viewers on You Tube already know this but for my blogger only friends, I'll explain. I had a friend visiting from Manchester, England for a long weekend and then immediately following, my Mom and brother visited for ten days. Although, having our friends and family visiting was SO much fun, it kept me away from filming, editing, uploading and tah-dah... BLOGGING! (:

Is it too late to post my May 2010 Favorite Products? I think NOT! (:

Basic so [b]ig 3in1 Mascara - Black - 2.99 euros

Bronzingold by Deliplus SPF 10 - 6 euros

Basic Lipstick - Pink - 2-3 euros

Deliplus Fluid Foundation SPF 12 - Caramelo 04 - 5 euros

What are your favortie picks of May or should I just wait for June's picks?

Besos from Spain!

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  1. I heard great things about the basic mascara too! So when Ive used up my current mascaras I might really just try this one, I love cheap mascaras ^^
    The Deliplus bronzer looks super pretty!