Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SPRING Nail Polish - I love you!

As I have posted in the past, I have found a wonderful nail polish brand here in Spain.

Why is it so wonderful, you ask?

1) There is a wide variety of colors.
The colors range from a subtle nude color to slight shimmer to full out chunks of glitter to bright colors to dark colors.
Anyone can find a color that suits their taste and coloring.

2) When applied, the polish stays on rather well and applies easily.

3) These polishes are extremely affordable!
We are talking .75 centims = $0.75!
At this price, it's makes it extremely difficult for me not to leave with atleast five bottles in hand...
Self-control, self-control!

As stated before, the ONLY downside is that there is no name nor number to identify the colors!
Maybe I should write to the company because they have such a great product but it's hard to recommend a product to someone else when you can't identify the color!

Here are some photos of a recently purchased color...

With the flash...

Without the flash...
A more true representation of the color pay off.

What do you think?

Besos from Spain!


  1. I love these Spring nail polishes! Thanx so much for sending me some of them!! I think you SHOULD write to a company jaja...they should at least put a number! Plus they're so affordable! I usually buy BenBelle nail polishes at my 1 euro store, but they cost 1 euro, I've never seen a polish as good to cost 0,75 eurocents (well, I haven't seen a bad one either!)I love the colours that you sent me!Besitos

  2. @Butterfly Princess I´m so glad you like these polishes too! I love to find a great product at a bargain!! Do you have a favorite color out of the polishes I sent you? They are all quite different... xoxo!

  3. I never heard about these nail polishes!Where do you buy them? I use Deliplus's ones.


  4. oh i love the colour! my fave colour infact x

  5. I love the colours!

  6. Oooooo I'm in love with Pink Polishes!

    Also, yay I just became your 100th follower!! xxx