Friday, May 07, 2010

Share The Love... Beauty

I want to start off by saying that the following girls mentioned below are by no means the only girls I like to watch here on YT. I don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt because I truly enjoy watching everyone’s videos! no particular order...

Lisa “Lisasz09”
She does reviews on a wide variety of makeup products and she always gives a great and honest review. I really like her because she’s quick and gets right to the point. Sometimes I only have a short amount of time to watch You Tube videos so I like it when people stay focused and get to the point. I trust her opinion because she often tests the products in different ways before she forms an opinion. Before I buy any product for the first time, I always check to see if she’s done a review and what she thinks.

Emily "emilynoel83"
She is a news anchor for her profession but also makes beauty videos including makeup and hair tutorials, product reviews and shopping list ideas. She explains everything so well and with so much detail. I really enjoy her tips and advice because she often looks for products that are more affordable but they look just as gorgeous as the high end products.

Natalya “filthygorgeousmakeup”
She creates mostly make up tutorials and beauty related videos. I love to watch her videos and I also love her video introduction with the photos and music! I love her accent, I often feel like perfecting my English after hearing her speak! She’s stunning and super sweet. She’s very talented with makeup and inspires me to create new looks.

Cynthia “ChanelBlueSatin”
She makes beauty related videos – make up tutorials, hauls and favorites. She is naturally stunning! She also models. She’s a very calming person to watch and she’s very down to earth.

Roz “dutchessroz”
She’s Dutch but she lives in New Zealand at the moment. I came across her blog and fell in love! She’s a knock out blonde and creates the most beautiful looks! She has definitely inspired me because we have similar coloring. She only has about two videos on YT so Roz, please make more videos! (:
Sonja “eipysgudps”
She has become one of my great friends thanks to YT. She creates fashion, make up and haul videos. She has such a great sense of style! She always gives me new ideas. She’s such a sweet heart and is super smart. She is originally from Croatia but is now living in Italy. She speaks English, Spanish, Italian and Slavic that I know of – I wouldn’t be surprised if she speaks another language!

Blair “juicystar07” and Elle “AllThatGlitters21”
Most people already know who they are. They were on Goood Morning America because they have become such a hit on YT. If you don’t know who they are, they are sisters who make videos about anything and everything to do with beauty. They are both gorgeous but have very different looks. They both crack me up – in a good way when I watch their videos. They are both just very entertaining. They are both “go getters” – there is no telling the heights that they will reach in their careers.

Laura “lollipop26”
She makes beauty videos that include all beauty related products under the sun! She has so much knowledge about products. She’s from the UK, moved to Dubai for work but I believe she is now back in the UK or will be returning soon. I adore her accent and she has this way with words that captivates me! She’s beautiful and has a great sense of humor!

It’s a tragedy because I don’t even know her name! She lives in Germany but writes and, I’m assuming, speaks English fluently. She doesn’t speak in her videos but she writes out the steps in her makeup tutorials in English and German. The fact that she does not talk in her videos takes nothing away from what a talented artist she is!

Jessica “PicturesqueMakeup”
I adore this girl! She creates make up tutorials. It’s obvious in her videos how sharp this girl is! I feel like I would instantly click with her upon meeting her! She’s another amazing and talented artist. She creates such amazing looks and gives great tips. She’s also such a calming person to watch.

Sarah “sardun1”
She does beauty products reviews, demonstrations and cheaper alternatives. She was the first beauty guru to really reach out to me and encourage me and I will always remember that! She has a heart of gold and is absolutely gorgeous! She is a wonderful, busy mother of two but always looks so polished.

Tanya “pixi2woo”
She is a professional makeup artist from the UK and it’s obvious because she’s so great with makeup. I can only dream of owning all the high end, designer make up she uses but it’s still so fun to watch her. It’s amazing to watch the different looks she creates and the transformation.

Besos from Spain!


  1. HI liz!
    You are the sweetest :) thank you so much for all your kind words.
    I promise to make more video's. You keep up ur awesome blog and video's too xoxo

  2. hi! i want to recommend Koko (kokolaroo) and Martha (blushingpixie). they are two of my favorite YT gals. :)