Thursday, May 13, 2010

All About My Hair Color...

I always get a lot of questions about my hair and what I do to create the color.

I am a natural blonde. My natural color is one shade darker than my eyebrow color (this is because I fill in my eyebrows to make them a little darker). I want to start off by saying that because one of the reasons my color looks so natural is because I am blonde to begin with.

When dying your hair, keep in mind that most people look their best when they stay a shade or two lighter or darker than their natural color. It's just naturally going to compliment your skin tone and eye color.

My hair color...
To create my color I get highlights (lighter pieces) and lowlights (darker pieces) put into my hair.
The combination of the lighter and darker pieces creates an extremely natural look.
Keep in mind that highlights are meant to mimic what the sun naturally does to your hair so getting your hair stylist to slice your highlights and lowlights super thin/fine is the trick to getting natural looking, sunkissed hair. Keep in mind that your hair color will look different depending on your natural color.

Here are some photos of my hair...

(Never do this to your hair, btw, it breaks it!
My husband always rebukes me when I twirl my hair!)

Besos from Spain!


  1. Love the photos Liz! Great video. Your hair is so beautiful. I used to have really naturally blonde hair as a kid but over the last 15 years its gone really dark ash blonde so I color it. But I do the same as you have highlights and low lights. :O)

  2. lol, i always used to twirl my hair when it was long. didn't realize it could break your hair! good to know.

  3. hahaha I love the pictures!! I love playing with my hair color but def look better as a dark brunette with some red in it! :)

  4. @LaurenDay Thanks! Your hair color is really pretty too Lauren & looks really natural! (: I was born with WHITE hair but over the years... well, you know the drill! Besos!

    @Nicole Me too! I still do it when I'm nervous or bored even though I know it's bad. It's a hard habit to break!! :P

    @Gina Aha, thanks, lady! I use to experiment more with color but now I realize that I look my best blonde!! xoxo!

  5. Anonymous14.5.10

    What do you pucker your lips in very pic. Just smile...I'm sure its beautiful.

  6. @Anonymous I puckered up my lips in these photos because I was having fun. I like to do different things with my photos, not always the same smiling picture. These photos weren't meant to be taken seriously. I smile in mostly all of my photos on the rest of my blog.