Friday, April 30, 2010

What Makes Me Happy... (:

The other day I was thinking... what makes a person happy?

I believe that happiness is based on a persons perspective of their life and life in general. It is true that the energy you put out to others is the energy you receive back from others.

Everyone in this world has difficulties to deal with but I also believe that everyone in this world is given blessings. The key is to focus on the blessings in life even when you are going through difficult times.

After pondering this, I made a list of the little and big things in life that make me smile.

Enjoy and I hope this brightens your day!


The little & BIG things in life...
(In no particular order, except for the first)

- God & His love for me & everyone

- The color pink

- Nicely manicured nails & toes

- Look from a fresh touch of sun on the skin

-Beautiful smile

- Groomed eyebrows

- Organization

- Cleanliness - House, Car, Salon...

- Writing - Shopping lists, To Do, Feelings, Ideas, Goals...

- Reading

- Relaxing

- Physical touch & affection

- Pondering & reflecting on my thoughts & life

- Creating

- Flowers - Sight, Smell, Way they move with the wind

- Art & Photography

- Family

- Great friends

- Memories

- Holidays

- Laughter - The way it makes my cheeks hurt, The sound, The faces people make

- Exercising - The feeling after a GREAT workout
- Eating foods from nature

- Any & Everything pretty - Clothes, Decorations, Jewelry

- Perfume collections
- Accepting & loving oneself - strengths & weaknesses

- Doing what´s right for YOU - not seeking others approval

- Sleep

- Love - Giving & Receiving

- Self Expression

- Sunshine & the goodness it does to my soul

- Beach

- Listening to the ocean/sea

- Innocence of a child

- Holding a baby

- Baking

- Feeling of freedom

- Romance

Just a few that I came up with... there are many more.

Besos from Spain!


  1. I LLLLOOOOOVEEEEE this Liz.... I may have to do a blog like this :)

  2. Bethany30.4.10

    This is so lovely! Such a nice blog post that brightened up my day :) - I suppose that means that reading your blog makes me happy :D


  3. Thanks, love!! I would love to read your version! Will be on the look out! (: @Gina Marie Hicks

    Thanks!! Now THAT makes me happy! (: @Bethany

  4. Beebee30.4.10

    This made me happy :)
    I love all those things too!

  5. Thanks, glad you like it! (: @lake breeze

    Awe, thanks so much!! (: @ Beebee

  6. What a beautiful post!! I love most of those things too! Reading things like this makes me happy!!

    Besos. sorry for my bad English!!

  7. hey :)...i just thought this couldn´t discribe myselfe better ö.ö ...great pictures :) ...we have a lot of same interests i think ;)...thank you for reminding those important things... makes a smile on my face :)

    oh and of course... happy birthday!!! ;D

    xoxo sabrina from germany :)

  8. @BlogHera Thanks so much! Your english is great!! (:

    @malibuglamour I´m so glad my post made you smile! Thanks for viewing & commenting & for the b-day wishes! (:

  9. We have a lot in common. I might have to do one of these blogs. You should tag people. That would be nice :)

  10. @Romi I would love to see what you come up with! I acutally forgot to include music!? How could I?! lol!

  11. Love this post!!! I had to laugh at the cleanliness. I'm the same way--I love having stuff CLEAN. (And I love al the other things you listed, too!)